Are we a Little Athletics Club?

We are not just little.  Our club takes age groups from 4 through to 99 but the majority of members are ages between 5 and 13.  Our club is no longer affiliated with the Little Athletics Association and since 2007, we have been affiliated solely with the Athletics North Queensland Association which also includes Queensland Athletics and Athletics Australia.

Age groups are,  5 and under, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, U16-U20, Open and Masters

Age 4 (must be at least 4 as at 1 March) and upwards are welcome to participate as members of the club.  The groups are based on how old the participant will be as at the 31st December of that year.  For example.  A participant who turns 8 during any time of the year will be grouped in the 8 year old group.

What day and time do you meet?

Club competition days are held on Saturdays between 12.30pm and 3.30pm at the Mackay State High School Oval, English Street, Mackay.  Inter-Club meets and Carnivals may be held on different days and times.  Click here to view our Club Competition Event Calendar.

What events do we run?

Typically the events are Sprints, Middle Distance, Hurdles, Relays, Walk, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin or Turbo Jav, High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump.

These will vary depending on the age group.  During Club Competition days, each age group will have a set program of 5 events.  This program changes each week over a four week period (I.e. Program A,B,C,D) and then recommences.  The club Produces a Know your Event booklet given to each member family free and it has a breif guide to the events, age limitations and what events are to be held on a club day.  Also our ‘Rules & Technical’ page has event information to assist parents understand some of the rules.

When does the Athletic season start?

The North Queensland Athletics season usually starts March and runs through to mid September.  View our Calendar page for more details.  New members can sign-on at any Mackay Athletics Club - Club Competition days between 12.00pm and 12.30pm.

Can I let my child have a go to see if they like athletics before paying the membership fee?

The club provides a trial period for new members.  This is available for a two-week consecutive period.  The Trialist fee is $20.00 and is non refundable. After this time the athlete must either complete the registration formalities or not participate. The $20.00 trial fee is deducted from the membership fee if membership continues.

How much is membership and how can I pay?   

The 2018 membership fee of Mackay Athletics Club is $135.00 per athlete with additional members from the same family being $125.00 per athlete.

Masters (aged 30 and over) member fees are $115.00 each with the option to also join the Athletics North Qld Masters Team for and extra $25.00.  There are no weekly or attendance fees during home Club Competition days.  Payments methods are cash, cheque, credit card* and EFTPOS*.  *A small transaction fee applies.

Membership period starts from when full payment received through to 28 February 2019.  Membership as an athlete also includes membership with ANQ (Athletics North Queensland) which allows participation at ANQ sanctioned events and carnivals throughout Queensland and Australia.

Is it a First, Second and Third placing system?

No. On club days, we never emphasise a first, second or last placing, but rather encourage all athletes to have a go and if achieving a personal best is the result of having a go then it’s a bonus. Athletes must show support and respect for each other regardless of how others have performed or likely to perform. On Club Competition days, the athlete is awarded 1 point for each event they participate in and a further point if the athlete achieves a ‘seasons best’ performance during that event.  Points can also be earned at Inter Club meets and Carnivals.  The points are added each week and at the end of the season the person with the most points in each age group is recognized.

What to wear?

Our club uniform is a sublimated polo shirt in children's, youth and adult sizes and a bucket hat.  These are available for purchase from the club house.

Otherwise a collared short sleeve shirt with a bucket or wide brim hat will be required on club competition days. Black shorts complete our uniform.  Footwear must be worn at all times.  Joggers, waffles or spikes are acceptable.  Refer to our uniform and shoe policy for spike shoe age limitations.  No football shoes are allowed.


Each new member receives a folder to hold the results cards given to the athlete at the end of the days events.   You can  also keep track of personal bests achieved.  Results are also keyed into our Team Manager software and displayed on our website.  A range of athlete reports is available on request.


Club Training is designed to provide basic development of skills across the spectrum of athletic events.  As such the focus will be on technique improvement.  Free in-season training is conducted once a week (Thursdays) during the season from 4.30pm to 5.30pm (approx). All training will be held at Mackay State High School Athletic Grounds unless otherwise notified.  All registered members of Mackay Athletics Club in our 10 year old age group or above are welcome to these designated club training days.  Check the homepage of our website for the designated training days.

Can I as a parent assist the club in any way?

Yes. Athletics requires a lot of Volunteers to run smoothly and stress free every Saturday for the benefits of the athletes.  We can never have too many willing helpers.  All of our Officials are volunteers either because they enjoy officiating, want to put something back into the sport or want to help their sons and daughters.

The Club is appealing for more people to assist by becoming helpers or age marshals or even officials.  You don’t have to be qualified to help and in the beginning you don’t even have to know the rules – we will teach you.  After all, we all had to start somewhere.

Perhaps you could be asked to rake the Long Jump pit, carry back the Shot Put, help put up the High Jump Bar or Time Keep – nothing too difficult to start with.  All you need for this is enthusiasm and a desire to assist the athletes.  The club provides each member family a ‘Know your events’ booklet to help understand some of the rules and how measurements are done.  These can also be found on our Rules & Thecinical page.

Does the club have a Canteen?

Yes. A range of light snacks and drinks are available for purchase from our canteen located in the club shed.  A parent roster is set up to assist in the running of the canteen.

How can I find out more information about the club?

Athletics offers a great opportunity for children to learn the basic motor skills, to keep fit and to socialise with others. For those who wish to progress further in the sport the pathways are also there.   No other sport offers such wide a range of events to all ages and to all levels of competitors.

Everyone can be involved in the sport of athletics either as an athlete, and also importanly, parent volunteers who are needed to put on an enjoyable day for all.  There are many jobs that can be done without any knowledge of the sport and if you enjoy it, we can help teach you the basics of each event. It's not hard and it's doubly rewarding because you are helping not only your own child but also the club itself.