Mackay Athletics Club is a family orientated club. We aim to provide athletes of all ages with the opportunity to grow and develop through the sport of athletics. We provide qualified coaches and organised competition. In line with this philosophy we have an award structure that rewards participation and improvement, while still recognising excellence. We look forward to the enthusiastic performances of our members throughout the year.

In order for our club to operate we need assistance from members and their families. The more assistance our members are able to provide – the greater the opportunities for our coaches to work closely with the athletes.

In 2019, after almost 35 years at the Mackay State High School Sports Field, the club has relocated to the Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex located at the Mackay CQ University campus on Boundary Road, Ooralea.

About Us

Club Athletics is not here just to produce highly skilled specialist athletes but to provide the basic athletic learning, fun, fitness and competitions for children and young adults. Generally, it must be accepted that specialisation is unwise until at least mid teens. Specialists also can be better serviced if they are trained and perfected by specialist coaches. We provide a coaching structure that allows both general and specialised development.

By providing access to various levels of competition, we are in fact “character building” and this is important and provides the springboard from which the senior athletes of tomorrow may be drawn. However, we are aware that the greater the degree of competition, the greater the discrimination in favour of a specialist minority. As such, you are free to choose all, some or none of the competition provided. Our Saturday competitions are designed to encourage self-improvement as the important yardstick and we would urge parents to explain to their youngsters the meaning of such a system.

The club was first formed in 1984 as the Mackay Branch Little Athletics Centre and in 1996 expanded to incorporate Seniors and Veterans with the incorporation of Mackay Athletics Club.  In 2003, the two separate incorporated bodies were amalgamated and became the Mackay Athletics Club Inc. The club was still then affiliated with both Queensland Little Athletics and Athletics North Queensland (ANQ).  At the start of 2007, the club elected to affiliate solely with ANQ.  

ANQ is the major regional provider of athletics, development and competition. ANQ supports all ages from 4 to 99 and includes juniors, open and masters athletes.  It is a branch of Queensland Athletics (QA), which is a member of Athletics Australia (AA). In Queensland, it allows entry or selection into all QA approved carnivals and State Championships. It allows clubs to determine all of their award systems and offers regional training, coaching, development squads and  camps,  workshops and skills courses for coaches, athletes and officials. There are over 30 athletics clubs in Central and North Queensland affiliated with ANQ.  The ANQ website is

History & Structure

Weekly competition is held on Saturdays between March and October, from 12.30 to 3.30pm.  On various occasions the Club may compete at carnivals or Inter Club Meets or club days may be held different days or night.

Athletes ideally compete in their own appointed age groups under the direction of an Age Marshall. Become a Marshall and lead your child in their group to the events, run them and record the results.  Athletes are asked to respect and abide by the Age Marshall’s directions at all times, as they are only volunteers who are generously giving their time.

Each athlete is encouraged to compete in all the appointed events for that day.  At field events (shot put, Long Jump, Discus etc) each athlete will be given three trials, except High Jump where the athlete will continue to jump until they record three consecutive failures. All athletes will have a result if they do the event. After each club day, the athlete will be given a results ticket, which will record the best of their trials at the field and track events.


Club Competition

Club Coaching is designed to provide basic development of skills across the spectrum of athletic events.  As such the focus will be on technique improvement.

Throughout the year, the club may have special coaching events conducted by event specialists either at the invitation of the club or from other clubs in the district.  Details of such events will be made known to members with details of the discipline to be coached, date and times , age limitations and costs.  

If you have coaching qualifications or are seeking details on qualification, and have a keen interest  in coaching our club members in anyway, please approach a committee member for details.


Our Club Mascot

Pudgy - The Athletic Platypus

Pudgy the Platypus was a mascot for Mackay Tourism in the 1980’s and ‘90’s. The club had also adopted the mascot since the clubs inception and has been around since.

The mascot appears on our club uniforms and hats and other club material.